Yes as we can offer a lighting coverage including architectural lighting, a great variety of fireworks, and special effects such as smoke haze and dry ice, confetti cannons, disco ball, glitter and streamers etc.

Although booking some time in advance is important it should not overwhelm and stress you out. We recommend choosing the time period and the venue as soon as you possibly can. This can ensure that the dates you require the venue are available. Once you have made your booking you can start planning with your own pace.

No. First of all we arrive in advance on the day of the event to ensure that everything will go to plan. The music starts once your first guest arrives and finishes once everybody has left the venue. We recommend that you liaise with the venue in relation to any particular time restrictions that the venue has to operate under in order to avoid any last minute frustrations.

We provide our services in all parts of Greece including the famous Greek islands. You can find a great variety of photos and videos of our services in our website and in our YouTube channel.

We usually recommend once we have confirmed the preferable date, a deposit of 30 % of the total cost which is usually paid fully after the event has finished. We accept cash, bank transfer and depit/credit card payments.

It is hard to estimate a fix price for events such as baptism, wedding, opening events and/or parties, as this can be determined by a number of different factors such as the following:

  • The venue: will the venue take place indoors or outdoors; does the venue have its own sound equipment which can be used by our team? (In this case we have to assess the quality of the venue’s equipment to ensure that it will meet your needs)
  • The number of your guests :affects the quantity of the equipment that we have to provide. For instance for a venue with 200 guests we will utilise significantly less equipment compare to one with 400 guests ( this will be confirmed following our visit to the venue to assess the specific parameters mentioned above)
  • The specific requirements you have: which might include fireworks, lighting equipment, confetti cannons, dry ice. Each of the services mentioned above will require an additional member of our team to operate which as you can imagine will affect the total cost.
  • The specific location of your venue:(e.g. mainland or island in Greece): For more information you can contact us directly.

Yes and this is the most important difference between a professional wedding dj compare to a dj who has not specialised in this field. The ability to combine harmoniously the music preferences of your guests taking into account their age, culture and traditions.

You can of course combine both services. We have worked along with live bands in a number of occasions with great success as we all aim to make this day special for you.

Yes of course. We provide a detailed statement with the costs of our services . This means that we both have a legal binding and protection.

We can surely do this for you. You can attend an event that we will organise and will be similar to the one that you are interested in, so you can have a close look of the services we provide, such as the sound quality and/or any additional services you might require. Alternatively you can visit our offices so you can have a look at the equipment and watch videos with all the additional services we can provide. Photos and videos of our services can also be sent directly to you via email.

Yes we own all the equipment that we are able to provide.