Music coverage - DJ

The music coverage – The DJ (Disk Jokey) is one of the key elements for a successful party. Choosing Soti.k means more than just hiring a DJ. The great experience that comes with having covered hundreds of events will make your party a day to remember.

Audio coverage

We have all found ourselves in a place with very good music, but very poor quality sound. By choosing our company, you ensure excellent sound quality. Our equipment is made up of state-of-the-art machinery, stylish and well-suited to meet every need. The safety of hearing, both yours and your guests, is our top priority.

Lighting coverage

Lights can make the atmosphere romantic, emphasize the couple’s entrance and are adapted to the music by our experienced staff.

Lighting will enhance an event, so if you truly care about the holistic experience and amusement of your guests, don’t leave the lighting of your atmosphere to luck.

Fairy lights

Make a dreamy celebration…….. by adding thousands of fairy lights in the sky

Illuminated Heart

Make an memorable entrance walking on a red carpet under an impressive illuminated heart. Illuminated heart with led lights which are adjustable to the general lighting equipment of your preferred venue.

Illuminated Letters

Decorate your wedding reception with an illuminated LOVE .Combine it with illuminated letter of your names and make an amazing decoration.


Our qualified personnel places ISO certified air and ground fireworks (fountain type) that will impressing your guests but most importantly ensuring the safety of you all.

Wedding and event planning services

Since 2004 our team specialises in wedding planning services. Having successfully organised a number of wedding reception parties we are confident that we can satisfy even the most demanding expectations. The music plays a key role in the general atmosphere and overtone that you want your wedding to have. The music playlist  is very important not only for the dancing part but also for the dinning experience of you and your guests. Therefore it is important to have a professional and experienced wedding dj.

The wedding dj’s main aim is to combine a great variety of music preferences in a harmonious way to satisfy you and your guests. By providing the most up to date sound and  lighting equipment we can ensure the highest quality. Moreover we can offer additional services such as fireworks disco ball and special effects.

Opening events

The day of opening your business resembles a premiere of a new beginning and the first impression as you know might prove very important for the future.  The success of opening events depends greatly on the music selection. Choosing Soti.k’s can guarantee you the best impression for your guests.



Having a baby is one of the most remarkable life events which is officially celebrated with the baptism ceremony. We can make this day even more memorable for you and your guests by providing the most up to date sound equipment to ensure the highest standards for the music coverage for this day. The most important part of our event planning is the  safety in relation to the hearing both of children and adults.